Dress and Behavioral Standards


The Gabba considers it desirable that a reasonable standard of dress, consistent with the prestige of being a Member of a major sporting venue, is maintained by both its Members and their guests.

The minimum standard of dress is smart, neat casual for both men and women being equivalent to community standards.  Patrons (12 years and over) must wear a collared shirt or blouse irrespective of whether or not a collared jacket, sweater or collarless team supporters shirt is being worn over the shirt. 

Skirts, dress and tailored shorts are acceptable as long as they are no shorter than mid-thigh length. Tidy denim is acceptable.  Football style shorts, brief or tight shorts, boxer shorts, tracksuit pants or leggings are not acceptable.  Swimsuits, midriff tops and clothing with offensive words or symbols are not acceptable.  Ragged, worn or unclean clothing is not acceptable. 

Footwear: Sandals and “runner” type shoes are permitted providing they are clean and in good condition. Rubber thongs, crocs, masseurs, scuffs, slides, slippers, ugg boots and dilapidated footwear are not acceptable.

Notwithstanding the outlined Dress Regulations, the General Manager of The Gabba reserves the right to refuse entry to the Members Reserve to any person considered not suitably attired. 
Please support your team in a passionate and respectful manner.  Be mindful of your fellow Members and guests.  Avoid language that could cause offence including profanities of any kind.  The simple rule is, if someone is offended, it is offensive.  Make sure your guests are aware of these standards as well. 

Bring any offensive behaviour to the attention of our staff on the match day.