The Gabba Good Gear Guide: Everything you need to fast track your entry and have the best day at The Gabba. 


What to pack

For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of our guests there are rules around what you can and can’t bring into The Gabba.
All permitted items must be able to fit inside your smaller than A3 sized bag OR go express by leaving the bag at home and enjoy our onsite hospitality.

Check out what you can and can’t bring in below.

Permitted Items - Gabba Good Gear

Up to 1.25L of sealed water
Up to 1.25L of sealed water
Up to 600ml sealed non-alcoholic drinks
Up to 600ml sealed non-alcoholic drinks
Coffee or tea thermos icon
Coffee or tea thermos
Soft Gel Cool Packs
Soft gel ice/cool packs
Fruit Icon
Baby food icon
Baby food
Soft eskies icon
Soft eskies
Supporter flags, posters and banners of a reasonable size
Home-made finger food
Home-made finger food
Mobile phone and standard cameras icon
Mobile phone and standard cameras
Foldable small strollers icon
Foldable small strollers
Dietary requirement based food icon
Dietary requirement based food

Prohibited Items 

Commercial food and drinks
Commercial food and drinks
Alcoholic beverages icon
Alcoholic beverages
Non-sealable drinks (cans) icon
Non-sealable drinks (cans)
Hard eskies
Hard eskies 
Offensive or oversized flags icon
Offensive or oversized flags
Frozen drinks icon 
Frozen drinks
Professional quality camera equipment icon
Professional quality camera equipment
Clothing, banners or flags with offensive, political or advertising messaging
Clothing, banners or flags with offensive, political or advertising messaging
Hard ice bricks icon
 Hard ice bricks or solid ice
Noisy accessories icon
Noisy accessories
Pets and livestock icons
 Pets and livestock
Dangerous items icons
Dangerous items

Want to know something not covered above? View our full conditions of entry on our Conditions of Entry page.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to bring in something on the prohibited list, or are generally unsure about whether or not you can bring in a specific item, please contact us before you leave home on 1300 THEGABBA (1300 843 422) or

How to get to The Gabba

The Gabba is a public transport destination, meaning you'll have the best event day experience by catching a regular or special event bus service right to the Stadium.

The Translink Journey planner will map your voyage - even pop in the gate time to understand what time you should leave.
Check out the Translink home page three days before any match for event specific transport details.

If you need to drive, there is no parking at the venue. You might like to park at South Bank or in the Brisbane City and pop onto a Special Event Bus for the remainder of your journey.

You’ll find we’re a 2 min walk from the Woolloongabba bus station, approx. 25 min walk from South Bank and about 40 min walk from the Queen Street Mall. Many regular bus services (including number 61, 100, 174, 175, 204, 200 and 215) connect The Gabba to both South Bank and the City with a full journey taking 10 -15 minutes.

For our full getting here info visit our getting here page!

Heading inside

It’s game time! The first thing you need to do when you arrive at The Gabba is locate your gate. Your recommended entry gate will be listed on your ticket, if you can’t find it check your section location on our handy venue map page.  

Our venue is colour coded to help you find your way, so it might help you to know:

  • Gates 1, 2, 3, & 11 are yellow;

  • Gates 4 & 5 are dark blue;

  • Gate 6, 7 & 8 are maroon; and

  • Gates 9 & 10 are teal.

Note you’ll need to walk around the East Brisbane State School along Wellington Road if walking from gate 8 to 9 while external to the venue – there is no short cut.

As you head to the gate have your ticket ready, for mobile tickets this means have your ticket loaded and your screen brightness turned all the way up.

Once you've got through bag check with out security team you'll get your ticket scanned – and voila! You’re inside.

Finding your seat

With 34,735 general admission seats, finding yours might seem a little daunting, but we’re here to help. Few helpful hints:

  • Levels: If your section number is in the 200s you’re on level 2 - the ground level. If it’s in the 400s you’re on level 4 – so you’ll need to head up the stairs. If your section number is outside to 200s or 400s then you’re likely in a box, suite or function room on level 3, if you’re not sure where to head ask one of our staff.

  • Aisle numbers are visible from the concourse (the walkway around the venue)

  • Section numbers are visible once you’re standing in your aisle (your section will either be to the left or right once your standing in your aisle)

  • Our rows run A to Z on level 2 with A being the front and Z being the back. On level 4 rows run from AA to ZZ with AA being the front.

If in doubt or feeling lost ask one of our helpful staff! 

Inside The Gabba

You’ll find bars and food outlets close to your seat. Sport staples like beers, pies and hot chips can be found almost anywhere, however if you’re looking for something a little more have a wander!

You’ll find dumplings, burgers, craft beers, coffee, pizza and plenty more at specialty outlets around the venue – glance at the menu board as you're walking by.

First aid rooms, a quiet room, parent rooms and a range accessible amenities are located throughout the venue – ask one of our staff if you’re looking from something in particular.
Note: there is no public thoroughfare through sections 401 – 404 on level 4 and section 201-205 on level 2. This is our Gabba Members area – want access? Well check out our membership options here.